Saturday, July 14, 2012


A friend loves to collect jewelries. She said jewelries are not only bought to wear, they can also be considered as investments. She explained that if and when she needs money, she pawns her jewelries according to how much she needs. When asked how much she normally gets, say on a 14kt gold, she said it depends on how much 14kt gold price is. That if she paid a lot of money for a piece of jewelry then chances are she will get a lot of money from it too when she pawns it. It is kinda risky to me and I don't think it is right to buy jewelries just so you will have something to either sell or pawn when you need money but then it is just the horde in me. When I buy something, I keep it regardless of value. I don't buy to sell which is the reason why I do not make money, lol. Maybe I need to change my way of thinking. She might have a good idea after all.

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