Friday, June 15, 2012

not doing our part

We are cleaning up the house that we have rented for two years. We have moved but we are given a time frame to have the house cleaned and ready to turn over to the landlord. The husband has been aggravated by me and the little man. He wants us to help, the little man by being good and sticking to his online game while I am supposed to help him clean. I think we have done pretty good in the last few times we cleaned but to somebody it is not enough. I am afraid I get side tracked with a lot of things, especially getting online. I just have to do it since the only times we get internet is when we are at the rented house. I must admit we would have been finished by now had I really been helped like I am supposed to. Instead, I get on Facebook then I surfed the internet for everything except for eden effects pedals Musicians friend because I do not know what that is, lol. He could not really fault me for that because I have not had internet but once a week (if I am lucky) and being an online addict it is about to kill me. Anyway, I have done a pretty good job today. I cleaned up the assigned task and never let up until I was finished so I think I deserve this reprieve. I sure hope we will have our internet in our own house already. I want to be able to get online anytime or perhaps all the time.

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