Saturday, June 23, 2012

i can now get online anytime i want

It feels good to be able to get on the computer anytime I want. Nobody rushing me to get off the computer so we can go back home is not a small blessing. I have taken it for granted before but I now appreciate the little things that make me happy. I did not believe the husband when he teased me about being an online junkie but after weeks of being frustrated over not having internet I now believe him, lol. I am currently typing away in the relative quiet of our bedroom while the little girl is napping and the little man is occupied with cartoons on Netflix. Ah, life is almost back to normal after months of going back and forth and getting things situated. It is nice to be home! And with internet :)


tx sweetie said...

nangita jud ko sa imo ka bloggan ay kay mingaw kog drop nimo.. mau gali sa kadugayan type nasakpan ra..

Poray said...

salamat sa bisita dai..manuroy lng unya ko sa imong mga blogs pd puhon kng kalugar ko ky pastilan bisiha diri wa ko kasabot pro wa koy nahuman..wa na jd ko kabisita sa ec saon kulang ang 24 hours sa maid pwera buyag ning daghan ug bossing lol

tx sweetie said...

hahaha okay ra oi way kulba. ana jud na layf usahay busy sa ka way buhaton sahay pud busy sa kalabad ulo nagtan aw sa katag