Wednesday, May 9, 2012

we love our leather

The husband loves the leather seats in our cars. It is one of the things he always look at when he plans on buying a car, leather seats. He said it is comfortable (it is) and is easy to clean. He never fails to read about leather care so as to know how to keep the leather seats in good shape. He believes that all leather have the same type of cleaning and care so he reads about it online then tells me what to do because I am the one who wash and clean the cars. I sometimes do not like doing what he tells me to do but I also love our leather seats so I do not have a choice but do it. I would hate for the seats to get tore up because I am being lazy. One of our cars is about five years old but the seats are still good, even after the kids and I have done everything to them. The husband said it is because he knows how to take care of leather. I can't help but agree with him on that.

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