Friday, May 4, 2012

he wants another watch

My father hinted at needing a wrist watch. Again. He always needs a wrist watch. If he can, he would like to own several watches to choose from according to his outfit. He is like that. A wrist watch is like a bling to him. The husband gave my father a brand new gold watch when he came to visit me. Unfortunately, he lost it a few years later. We sent him another watch to which he complained that it stopped working. It was not expensive but we were hoping it will last longer. But it never did. Now he said he wants another wrist watch. He had been looking at watches and said he will not mind having one of those. He is a bit demanding, I know. I am afraid we have been spoiling him and my mother as well. But, whatever makes them happy. They did their best raising me and my sibling and this is just one way to pay them back, to give them little things that make them happy. So I guess he will be expecting a bertucci watch on the next box, that is if we can afford it when we get a box ready.

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