Sunday, April 1, 2012

wooden gazebo

I want a wooden gazebo. Now! This is what I want to tell the husband after we passed a building with wooden gazebos displayed outside. Of course, it is nothing but another attempt at spending money we could not afford to spend. It is free to dream though so the gazebo is staying in my mind until I am ready to give it up. I know, you are not the first to think I am crazy because I do believe I am too, lol. The husband has stopped trying to figure me out claiming he already knows me inside and out. I somehow doubt that because I don't even know myself if I am honest about it. There is just so many things I want to buy and just when we have a project that needs to get done before we get broke. Anyway, I do love to have a gazebo in the yard. It will be a place for me to sit in and read a book while I let the kids run and spend all their energy in the yard. Thank goodness dreams are free or else we would have been broke a long time ago :)

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