Tuesday, April 24, 2012

plans for the yard

We were out in the yard earlier today just to look around. The husband and I make it almost a habit to go outside in the mornings to walk around the house. This is the best time to talk about what we want to do with the yard. He said he wants to buy a swing set for the kids to play in while we are out and if the weather permits. I thought about making a rose garden but he is not very sold out on the idea. I bet it has something to do with having to buy the starter plants. This means he will not agree if I tell him I want outdoor fountains either. He probably will tell me to just use the water hose if I fancy having a fountain, lol. I don't need fountains though. I will be happy with a swing set for the kids and to reuse the little man's old inflatable swimming pool if it still is intact. The kids will surely have a busy summer.

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