Tuesday, April 17, 2012

an obsession?

My parents for some reason, love wearing perfume. They use it excessively sometimes too that being near them made me either sneeze or want to puke since I do not like to smell fragrance for too long. My brother is the same way. It does not matter to either my father or brother that they use women perfume as long as they like the smell. When it is time for us to send them balikbayan box they always ask for their perfumes and soaps and colognes. I never fail to send what they want either because I know it makes them happy. We have sent my family in PI a lot of perfume that they could have started wholesale perfume business and it is no joke. They have a favorite brand and I actually applied a store credit card from that particular brand so I can buy them what they want , anytime they want. They give some away if they know that I will be sending more, not before. They said they have to be sure they still have their stock so they will not run out before the next batch arrives. I don’t know what to say but sometimes I do think I am adopted because I could not relate to their obsession with perfumes, lol. Or maybe I am just too sensitive to strong smell. Whatever the case, I want them to be happy so I go to the store to get their perfume even if I know I am likely to be sick before I even pay for my purchase.

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