Thursday, April 12, 2012

no Easter baskets for my kids

We celebrated Easter at home. We did not attend any egg hunt or family parties at all. We had a relaxing day and we all enjoyed it. Thankfully, the husband did not get upset at me for not reminding him to buy Easter baskets for the kids. I forgot all about it and when I remembered I thought the kids have enough toys already and they do not eat candies anyway so we would save money if we do not buy the baskets. I know it sounds mean to some but sometimes we have to be practical on things. What was most important was that we know what Easter is being celebrated for. It is still not too late to go to the store to get baskets or Easter decorations for parties though, in fact this may be the right time since most stuff for Easter should already be on clearance by now. But I still don't think we need the baskets and since the kids are not asking for them (one is too young to know to ask while the other is not used to having them) then we are not buying them. Not this year anyway. Perhaps next year.

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