Tuesday, April 17, 2012

it is complicated

The husband has issues with me looking for jobs. It is not that he does not want me to work but he wants me to work in line with my degree from the Philippines. He said if I only work in one of these big manufacturing companies I should get big pay. I already told him that my degree from PI is no good unless I take a few subjects here and pursue the course again then I might get a chance to work but he only said it is not that hard to do. All I need is to get my records straight and then go back to school. I don’t have problems with that but I don’t think I am ready with that kind of work yet not to mention having to go back to school after ten years. Besides, I have not worked outside of the house since we got married. All I want is to be out of the house, to start work somewhere where I will not be pressured to perform so why can’t I just send in publix job application and not worry about my degree and what it can do to me? I will eventually have to do something about it in the future because I have kids and I need to help him provide for them but for now I just want the experience. I still have to work on him to understand that. Life is really not so simple no matter how we pretend it is.

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