Tuesday, April 17, 2012

fermented fish

About a month ago, I got it in my head to ferment a box of silver fish. I have always love eating fermented fish (ginamos in my native Leyte) and have been ordering from a Filipina friend from California. She makes really good ginamos and I am always satisfied with my orders from her. But since I found frozen silver fish when I was at the Asian store last time, I decided to make my own. It does not matter that the little fishes were frozen. The state of freshness of seafood has not really stopped me from doing what I want with them ever since I got here in the US anyway so I did not see that as a problem. I had to search online how it is done and found out that I am to use 75/25 ratio of fish to salt, by weight. I followed the instruction to the letter and excitedly awaits the result. Well, like I said it has been a month yet the fish is, well, still fish. I don’t see any fermentation taking place, at all. Only when I talked to my mother on the phone (she knows how to make ginamos) have we figured out what the problem is. I used too much salt. Too much that instead of fermenting the fish, the salt actually preserved it. How silly is that? I thought the more salt I put in, the earlier will it ferment. I did not take into consideration the fact that salt is a preservative. I did follow the instruction but then the fish used is different so it must have been why mine did not work out. I have not checked on my ginamos for days now and I am hoping a miracle happened, lol. I will see either tomorrow or the next day if it did anything while I am away. I really do hope it works but if it doesn’t I will just have to try again since I still have another box of silver fish in the freezer. The things this Filipina does to get a taste of home in her new home.


Rudy Colipapa Kintanar said...

The 75% fish with 25% salt is the ratio I know.
The mixture is used with the temperature in Argao, Cebu that was in the range of 30 degrees centigrade.
And the ginamos just comes out after a week or two.

Rudy Colipapa Kintanar said...

Your 75%fish and 25 %salt is correct. You can add sliced leek onions ginger, and pepper then leave it in the container at room temperature for a week.
Temperature in Argao is 30 degrees Celsius. It may be colder where you are and it will take time for the fish to ferment.

Poray said...

thank you for the comment..i was hesitant to try the mixture because it looks like a lot of salt lol..i do keep my ginamos in the fridge which could be the reason why it is not fermenting good..thing is, i am afraid it will rot at room temperature

Gelo Rojas said...

Salamat rudy sa advise about the correct ratio kasi ang hirap mag hanap ng ratio puro reviews lang nahahanap ko.
Maraming salamat.

Designs by JM said...

Himo sad ko ug ako diri. Nindot ni ako kay gagmay kaay ang anchovies.