Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Or sweet and sour fish. There are different versions of sweet and sour fish. Others are more elaborate and requires more work and is time consuming. This version is my favorite because it does not require much work yet the result is really good especially if the fish used is fresh. You can use any kind of fish you want for this recipe (or at least my grandmother did) and still come up with a good dish that people will like. I learned how to cook escabeche by watching my grandmother cook it on several occasions through the years. I wanted to learn to cook so I hang out in her kitchen. It did not hurt that I got to taste the food she cooked before the rest did either, lol. Anyway, this recipe requires fresh pan-fried fish, vinegar, sugar, soy sauce (you can use salt) and spices like red bell pepper, onion, ginger. Some add carrots to their escabeche while others who want their dish spicy puts in jalapeno peppers. I cook escabeche when I miss home and the food that is normally served there, simple dishes that tasted so good because it is shared with the rest of the family. I don't have anybody to share this kind of food here because my husband is apprehensive about the food I cook while the little man refuses to eat my food saying it stinks and that I should throw them away. I told him to get used to it because the house will continue to "stink" as long as I am alive. And that is that :)

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