Monday, March 5, 2012

summer clothes

When we were in Orlando, I went shopping for clothes for the kids. I found out prior to that visit that their stores have more choices down there so when we went back I told the husband I had to do some shopping there which he agreed. I bought a lot of summer clothes for them because it will only be a matter of weeks and it will start getting warm. My kids do sweat a lot even now that it is cold outside so buying them summer outfits early is not really a problem. Anyway, I had a good time picking outfits for my baby girl. There were just so much to chose from that I did not want to walk away from the infant section. The husband had the little man at the boy's section and I was shocked at the amount of shirt they got. I had to sort through their cart before going to the counter and found out that the little man was the culprit (I should have guessed, lol). He apparently found a rack with funny shirts in them and he wanted a ton from that rack. He was unhappy when I told him some of the shirts will have to be returned because he did not need that many. He told me he liked every one of them but it was not very practical so I made him choose a couple he liked most then returned the others. He also got a belt which had his father's approval, a few pairs of shorts and jeans (which thankfully were the right size), and would have bought shoes had I not tell him he did not need it yet. I did not know I have a shopper in training here, lol. His choices were really nice too albeit a bit pricey. Next time though I think I will have to go by myself because his dad does not know how to say no to him. I did have fun poring through the little man's choices and they looked good on him too.

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