Thursday, March 1, 2012

my yellow satchel

Introducing, the payment for my haircut. Lol. This was the satchel that I bought a few days after the husband cut my hair and asked me what I wanted for him to do to make up for messing with my long hair.

Pretty, isn't it? It is not big but I like it anyway because I am kinda tired of lugging my all-weather satchel also from D&B. It was big and heavy that my son actually complained about it when I asked him to carry it for me because I was holding the little girl. I figured that the smaller the purse the less items I can put in it which would then result to a lighter baggage. I am seriously thinking of a purse or any kind of bag I have to lug around as a baggage. Sadly, I cannot go anywhere without one. Not anymore, although there was once a time when all I needed to bring with me when I go out was a little pouch for a couple of cards and a cellphone. I do love my purses though so I am not complaining. Not much :)


Mharms said...

Wee! I love the purse dai.
Kamahal siguro ani huh?


Poray said...

thanks dai mhar..barato lng ni oi ky nag sale mn ni pgpalit unya gamay mn pd ni xa...less than 200 lng ni xa which was worth it ky leather unya peboreyt ang color