Saturday, March 10, 2012


It is ironic (or torture?) that when my mouth is sick I am thinking about all kinds of food. My wisdom tooth is trying to come up and so the gum is sore and in pain. But does it stop me from wanting to eat? A big no. I want this food below with hot rice.

Then I want some shrimp paste cooked like this:

I am so hungry because I only had porridge the whole day which could be the reason why I am thinking about all kinds of food right now. Food that will only make what I am feeling worse if I eat them. I am so not happy! But I will live :D and when this wisdom tooth decides to ever grace my mouth in its full glory, it better enjoy it because it will be removed as soon as it is possible.


Pearl said...

I like the veggies you posted! hope you feel better soon.

tx sweetie said...

lamia pud oi, paibog man labi pa cge rakog gutom lately kapoy luto

Poray said...

@pearl, thanks..

@anne, inukay ra nko na sa baul dai ky dugay na pd ko wa kaluto ana ky tapulan lol