Thursday, February 23, 2012

it was nice to be back

We went to the Flea market the other day and the guy who sells books remembered us. He has good memory since we have not been by for over two years yet just one look and he smiled and said it had been a long time. He even remembered what the husband once told him about his bad back to which he called another friend selling stuff nearby to talk. I left them talking about pain and pain management and the possibility of getting laser spinal surgery which the other guy's doctor has suggested for him. It was like we never left. Everything at the Flea market is the same save for a few vendors who are no longer there. I got a few books from him but did not bring anything to trade because I did not know we will be able to swing by the flea market, much less go to his stall to browse at books. I just got lucky that we had time and so I was able to buy books. I don't know when we will be back to that particular flea market so I am glad we stopped by. We used to spend our weekends there and it holds a few good memories of shopping and haggling :)

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