Friday, February 3, 2012

i just wanted to help

Yesterday, I did what I thought was a good deed. I offered to paint the bathroom to our house. Since the husband's sister did not show up (she was supposed to do the painting), the husband did not have a choice but said yes. So I set out painting the whole bathroom and what I thought was a good job was actually bad. The husband looked at my work, shook his head and told me to not touch a brush anymore. Lol. I know I should feel remorse or even anger but I could not do it. I know I did a very bad job. Even when I surveyed my work I cringe at the amount of paint I used and at the "repair" that has to be done to make it look decent. I blame the SIL for it. See, if she showed up the disaster wouldn't have happened. She called later that day asking about my progress and her brother told her she better show up or I will end up wasting all his paint which he paid a fortune for. So I guess she does not have a choice but go to our house and finish the job that I botched up. She better because even with the mess I made in the bathroom I am ready to do it again. I mean paint okay, not make a mess, lol. I want to try it again in the utility room using a different kind and color of paint. I want to know if I really am not good at painting or if I can blame the wall or the paint as well for the disaster that made me more determined to do it again.

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