Friday, January 20, 2012

who needs extra sink?

The husband and I had a minor argument today over, of all things, sinks. He told me I need to help him figure out where to put an additional sink in the kitchen of the new house. I did not know anything about an additional sink and I told him about it which made him upset. He said he did and I stand firm that I didn't. He must have talked to his sister about it because for the life of me I could not remember any conversation with him about an extra sink. I told him we talked about gazebos because I think I want one in the yard. He walked out on me after I said that thinking I was making fun of him. Sigh! I am being honest here, I don't know anything about an extra sink and in my opinion, the kitchen does not need a third sink especially one that is as big and wide as a utility sink. But apparently, the husband does. I will have to convince him an extra sink will have to go outside, not on my kitchen. If only he will listen.

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