Tuesday, January 3, 2012

six years

Later today will make six years since I arrived in the US. It was a cold day when the husband picked me up at the airport. He asked if I wanted a jacket to which I said no at first because I thought the temp was alright. Until we got to the parking lot and the cold seeped in my Filipino bones and I started shivering. He did not have to ask twice, I asked him for the heavy jacket he brought for me to wear. Then we went to the mall to buy a pair of winter boots for me. The jacket and the boots are still with me after all these years and are still both in good condition.

We reminisce about that day a lot partly because it marked the beginning of our lives together and mostly because the husband said I looked like a lost little girl when I got off the plane. He made fun of my pink tennis shoes and backpack, lol. I told him I could have worn something nicer but I opted to be practical since it was a very long flight and I was alone. I still have the backpack but the tennis shoes is long gone having been given away to my sister-in-law after it was replaced by a newer, better pair. There were no pictures taken on that day which is a shame. I would have loved to see what I looked like that day but we were both excited and the husband had work waiting for him (he actually had to take a couple hours off to pick me up then went back to work) so there was no time to goof around.

Six years and two kids later, we are the same persons but also different. He said I am not the same girl he married almost six years ago. I have become Americanized in some ways but I can say I have retained some of my Filipino values. He said he misses his meek, submissive wife but I told him I was never those things to begin with. I am the opposite. I just masked it to make him believe he found a treasure, lol. We will be celebrating our six years anniversary in a few days. We are hoping to celebrate more together in the years to come.

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