Sunday, December 11, 2011

rewards card

When I checked on my Facebook page last night, I read one of my friends' post about getting $50 from a Victoria's Secret rewards card. I remembered I had one here so I checked if I was as lucky as her. I should have known that with my luck it was very unlikely. I had the smallest denomination which was ten dollars. Not enough to buy anything because when I figure in shipping (I did not have any plans to go to the store) I knew it was going to be more. But then I also remembered that VS sent me a birthday rewards card worth $10. That was $20 which was good considering I only wanted to buy their 5 for $26 undies anyway. With free shipping on orders $25 I went ahead and ordered the panties and only had to pay roughly $8 for 5 VS cotton panties. It is a steal! I told the husband about my purchase and he said it was a good deal. I know I promised him I will stop shopping online but I just could not pass up that deal since I don't know when it is going to happen again. He was fine with it. I know he will understand though. It is December and he always lets me do what I want on my birthday month. I do know my limits so I am not going to overdo it. If I have the notion to shop online then I will try to use coupons to save. And I will only buy stuff that I will use. Now, let me get off here because I do have coupons from JC Penney for $15 and free shipping on any order :)

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