Tuesday, December 6, 2011

a new mailbox

A few days ago, I got a call from the husband who was at the store, asking me what color mailbox I want for our new (but old, lol) house. I asked him if there was an orange or yellow colored plastic mailboxes available but he said no. I can tell he was happy with his answer, lol. As much as he gives in to my whims, he has limits as to what he can stomach. A bright colored mailbox apparently is an issue. The available colors (according to him) were black, brown, and gray. I opted for a black mailbox because I know that our neighbor's mailbox is brown and I do not want ours to be identical to hers since the mailboxes are sitting side by side. He bought the black and was happy with his purchase. I told him though that should I find a bright colored mailbox in the future we might replace the mailbox we have. He did not say yes nor did he say no which gives me hope I will still get what I want. Next, we have to decide what to use for the number plate to put in the front door. There is just so much to choose from :)

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