Thursday, December 29, 2011

a day of shopping

I hit the mall the day after my birthday. It was the husband's present to me since we did not do anything special on my day and it made him feel bad according to him. So I went shopping. I enjoyed roaming around the stores trying on clothes, salivating over shoes, and getting a headache over the prices on kids' clothes. I had a good time. I bought clothes for me and for the kids. I wanted to look at purses but I stopped myself because I still have a couple purses I have not used and there is really no point in buying a new one, it will be impractical. I looked at shoes but did not see anything that I am willing to pay full price on (the sale items were not my type) so I did not linger in that section. I did good on my trip without even a list to buy. I just browsed around, found something I liked then grabbed the items. The cashier was good enough to help me save money on my purchases by doing several transactions so I could get good discount. Hurray! for good customer service. I thanked the husband for his generosity and promised him I will be good for a while, lol. I am like a kid, give me a little treat and I will be quiet as a mouse with no demands whatsoever. A family member once commented that the husband is a very lucky person to have me as his wife to which he said if the other person only know, lol. He does admit he is lucky because aside from the occasional shopping trip I don't demand much. As long as I have plenty of food I am happy as a pig :)

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