Wednesday, November 30, 2011

a shopping experience

I brought the little man with me to the mall the other day. We have not been out of the house for days so I decided to bring him along while I shop. I thought he might like it. I was wrong. He was unhappy most of the time while we were going from store to store. He told me to check out even if I have not even bought a single item. He told me he wanted to go home. It was not a fun experience for us. He only brightened up when we passed by a music store. He loves musical instruments, particularly guitars. The store lined one of its walls with guitars and he was just so tickled with that. He found one that looked exactly like his guitar at home and then pointed at another guitar and yelled "look mom, a bass guitar!" to one guitar in particular. Now, I don't know much about guitars but somebody apparently did his homework. He wanted us to stop and browse but I was afraid he will like something and insist on getting it so I told him we will come back another day. He already has a big boy guitar at home so I did not feel guilty about not letting him get inside the store. Maybe when he gets a little older we will go back to the store and consider getting him a bass guitar, provided he is still interested in musical instruments then. He was not so bad after we passed that music store but I know this, I will not bring him with me when I go shopping. Not unless he has to be there. This mommy is going shopping alone next time.

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