Thursday, November 10, 2011

a little knowledge

After years of being married to a mechanic I have learned a lot of things regarding car make, models, and such. I have also been apprised about parts especially when my husband was still an active mechanic. When he got home from work I heard words like piston rings, thrust bearings, transmissions, drive train, and gear box among other things. He used to tell me what he did at work and why, just so I will not feel left out which was sweet of him. I now also know the difference between a wheel and a stirring wheel (they do sound the same, lol). And I don't call everything with wheels a car anymore. That really annoyed my husband because when he asked me questions about what somebody was driving I said a car when in fact it was a truck. This was from somebody who grew up in a place where (at the time) not a lot of people owned cars, and public transport was, and still is, the norm. I am not that dumb, mind you. It is just that things like these were not talked about unless you work in a garage. Even people who own cars do not know anything about car repair and parts. We did not have the need to learn about any of it, see? But learn I did and it is actually beneficial. Why, now I can make a blog post about it :)

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