Wednesday, November 2, 2011

fruits and vegetables

We went to the store to buy a lot of fruits and vegetables. I am on a diet where I am supposed to eat mostly vegetables and fruits but since there are vegetables here that I don't really like much, I prefer juicing them along with fruits. I found out it is easier to drink food that I don't like. It requires less work (no cooking) and so it works for me. So we went to a wholesale store, that way I get more of what I need at a cheaper price. We also bought several cases of water for me and the kids. I like the fact that we do not need to get our groceries from the cart, a sells associate with his barcode scanner scans everything in the cart then when it is finished all we need to do is pay for our purchase and then off we go. The only complaint I got is that there are no plastic bags for the items which is not really good when you buy produce or meat. But it can be remedied by bringing used plastic bags when we get ready to go to the store. So it is not really a problem, more like inconvenience. Anyway, I juiced some of the produce we bought two nights ago and I have been drinking the juice every day. The diet has not make me lose a lot of weight but I am not gaining any either so I think I will continue doing this for a while. If I stick to it it might just work.

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