Thursday, October 27, 2011

sunny yellow

I bought a purse. It was on sale and I bought it for a third of the original price. Using a coupon and my store card, I got the purse really cheap. It is a style I already have in a different color. The old one is white while the new one is sunny yellow. I would have opted for cognac or red but none of those colors are available and I really like the design so I went ahead and ordered the yellow bag. It is not bad. I have actually expected the worse but I was wrong. I love the color! And I already love the other bag so win-win. The husband who got the mail was the one who opened the package wondering what the heck I am up to this time, lol. He saw the bag and he said it looks good. He knows I am crazy over purses, shoes, and jeans so he does not get shocked when I get a package in the mail. He has to look first though. I think he worries I will break him financially and I don't blame him. Sometimes he is apprised before I buy anything but there are times he is informed after the fact. Hence the curiosity. I like it that he never complains though. He just says go ahead. But then he knows that I will never buy anything beyond our means and rarely at full price (unless it is something I really like and know will not go on sale anytime soon). I still have another package coming and this one is a bit pricey but has his stamp of approval. In fact, he wanted me to buy the kind that cost thrice the one I just purchased but I said no. That item will have to wait for a while :)

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