Sunday, October 16, 2011

roaming charges

When we moved to our current address, our phone numbers automatically were in roaming. They still are. And if you know the charges that are associated with roaming phone calls then you also know that it is not only an inconvenience but costly as well. We did not think about our phones when we decided to move here, only that the cost of living is way cheaper than where we used to live. It is cheaper but not by much when you think about all other expenses such as roaming charges (although we have been trying to have that cut off) and gas expenses. Plus we realized that food prices are actually higher here with less sales and discounts unlike the previous place. The rent is way cheaper though which makes up for all the other expenses. Back to the phones, when we first received our phone bill here the husband was shocked with the charges. It was four times what we normally pay and that was for his phone only. Mine was just basic charge since I don't talk to anybody but him and his sister occasionally. He called his daughter who told him to use a home cell booster but when he called customer service was told that the booster they sell is only for customers who do not get signal at all while in their homes. He was told that we do not need it since we do have a connection albeit in roaming. After months of paying an enormous amount of money he received a letter stating that his phone will be canceled so he decided to buy a prepaid phone with unlimited capabilities at a fixed rate and he has been happy using it since then. The phone that was supposed to be canceled by the provider is still working and we are still paying monthly charges for it and use it but not to an excess like we used to. We figured that our provider did not cut that phone's service because it means waiving the cancellation fee since they will be the one turning off the service. I guess they will wait for us to cancel our subscription but it is not going to happen because we are not going to give them that satisfaction. Besides, we will be moving soon (we think) where we will not be on roaming and we decided to keep the phone because it is very cheap compared to other plans from other providers. We just need to be on regular towers so everybody will be happy.

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