Sunday, October 16, 2011


Our desktop computer crashed three years ago. The culprit? The husband's older son who, like any other teenager, was in websites he was not supposed to. The husband was able to make it work for a while but then it crashed again and he got tired of messing with it so he let it sit in a box until he was ready to deal with it again. He then bought us laptops with a rule that nobody is allowed to use anybody's laptop to avoid incidents like that happening again. I was all for it. I know for a fact that the sites I frequent are safe (with the exceptions of a couple but it is not really bad especially with a virus protection). And that had been the case since then. We kept the old computer because I saved a lot of pictures in it, pictures of the little man that I did not save in a CD. Pictures that the husband said we will have to recover because he wants copies of it printed for an album we need to keep for the little man so when he grows up and moves out, we will have pictures to give him and to keep for ourselves.

A few days ago, I had the notion to turn on the old computer. Since I forgot how it works, the husband helped me. Between the two of us, we had the computer up and running without any problems. It was really a surprise considering we were thinking the worst about it. It did crash because of a virus, but for some reason it was not evident this time. We did not encounter any problems at all. The computer did not shut down like it used to and so I was able to recover all the pictures that was in it. The DVD drive was tore up because of the little man but it was not a problem since I was able to transfer the pictures using our touchpads. I made sure I had copies and a back-up for the pictures so I loaded them in two touchpads and two laptops after which I made DVD copies of it as well. How is that for making up? Lol. Now all we need to do is buy more ink (we already have photo paper) so I can start printing pictures. The old desktop is up and running again and we have let the little man use it for his games. He can crash it anytime he wants, we don't care because we already have what we want from it :)

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