Tuesday, October 25, 2011

next step

Now that the pictures that we recovered are well and truly protected from disappearing (I did mention on my previous post that I made several back-ups), the husband said it is time to start printing them. We are talking about hundreds of pictures here and he said I need to choose the ones I like (I like all of them!) to print so we will have copies of them to save in albums. It is hard to choose from pictures that I already hand-picked from years before. Of course everything is worthy to be printed, in my opinion. But he said not all can be printed or it will break us. Ink is not cheap nor is it cheap to have the pictures printed elsewhere. So my next task will be to make sure I have the best pictures to be printed and print them we will. If I can find coupons or deals online from Snapfish or anywhere else that print photos I might avail of that too. Whatever will help us save money. I bet after the printing is done I will be tasked to buy picture frames, lol. He does love to display the kids' pictures and I don't blame him. We do have good looking kids :)

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