Sunday, October 16, 2011

motor home

We passed a motor home for sale one day and I made the husband stop so I can look at it. Not that we have the money to buy it, I just wanted to look at it and see what was inside. I have been curious as to what I will see. So he stopped and I got out and looked. It was pretty neat inside. I have been having thoughts about what if we can afford to buy a motor home will I agree if the husband buys one? I know I am silly, lol. But it never hurts to think about it does it? I was shocked at the price though and when I got on the car and told the husband about my thoughts he laughed. He said not only is owning a motor home way out of our league, motor home repair is too. So there goes my daydreaming about the family owning a motor home, lol. It is pretty to look at though which is good because that is the only option for me :)

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