Sunday, October 16, 2011

double stroller

The little man is old enough to walk but when I bring him to walk in the park he usually complains about being tired after we complete one round in the ball field. He sits in a bench and will not budge until I threaten to leave him which I admit is bad of me. But I cannot leave him sitting in a bench while I do more rounds because I don't trust him to stay still. Besides, there are other people in the park and I don't trust them either. If you have a kid I am sure you understand what I feel. Since I do like to walk and bring him with me, the husband and I have been thinking about buying a double stroller. One of the relatives has a Bob stroller, a double stroller in fact, and offered it to us but we have to pick it up and she is in another state. So we might just buy one near if we can find it cheap. This way when I go walk with the kids, the little man will have options whether to walk with me or sit in the stroller. Problem is, it is hard to find one. But I am not losing hope. I know one will pop up somewhere when I least expect it.

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