Sunday, September 25, 2011

delicious food

Doesn't it look delicious? It looks like hard-work but not really. The vegetables and noodles came from a bag (frozen, may I add) while the shrimp I found from the freezer when I tried to straighten the contents. Add Mama Sita's chopsuey mix and I had a very filling meal. I am on a diet (had been for almost a week now) and I cannot eat this food yet so I am posting it here to remind me that when I lose the weight I need to lose, I can eat this again albeit in moderation. I am so looking forward to that day :)


Filipina said... miss ko luto mo an chicken nga mayda pork and beans.

Filipina said...
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Filipina said...

ray..add mo newbie blog ko ha..Thanks!

Poray said...

ok i are you? talagsa n la ak nagluluto h2 na putahe yub ky waray nakaon d2..mag arte mga pipol lol