Saturday, September 17, 2011

career choice

I have several choices when it comes to a future career. The husband knows about them and he disagreed with a few saying that I need to just go ahead and have my tor evaluated then finish off whatever I need to get my degree here. He says the degree I finished in the Philippines pays more if I get the equivalent here in the US. I am still thinking about it but I really want the easy way if I can. I have been thinking about being a pharmacy technician because from what I read, it is not that hard plus the fact that I don't have to be around tons of people all day at work. This I have chosen after he told me he does not want me to be nurse because he does not want me to spend more time on work than I need to. I want to work in the medical field and being a pharmacy technician is close enough. I may not be wearing sexy nurse outfit to go to work but I can deal with that. As long as I am working and I know what I am doing. Perhaps in the next year I will know more about the requirements and what I need to do to pursue my career of choice. Hopefully it is not that hard and I will be successful with what I will do for my family's sake. Maybe then I will be able to think of more choices. I do need to work on this one plan first before I can work on anything else.

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