Thursday, September 15, 2011

back up batteries

A few months ago, the husband bought several pre-paid mobile phones. The phones were sold cheap so he grabbed what he liked and showed them to me. He said we can send some to the relatives to make a lot of people happy. We end up sending one phone because we do not know whether or not the phones will work considering that on the pack it said it will not work on other networks. I know that where the phones will go, there are people who know how to unlock phones to make them usable but I still did not send all of them. We kept them which was a good move because now we have plenty of motorola batteries for the husband's phone. His old phone's battery is acting up and does not stay charged long enough that we have to either plug it all the time or replace the battery with a fully charged one to avoid the phone going dead. He did not pay a lot of money for the phones anyway and the battery prove to be useful so I think it was a good deal. We will need a replacement for his phone but it is not up for upgrade yet so we will have to wait a few months more. Maybe we will get him a smartphone as well :)

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