Monday, August 29, 2011

song download

A few days ago, I had the notion to buy mp3 songs online. I thought to buy my favorite songs and since they are from various artists, the best move to do is download the songs and put them in a CD. Which is what I did. I downloaded 13 songs in all, put them in a cd for at home use and another cd for the car. Both CDs work in the computers and the DVD player but when popped in the car cd player neither worked. I have searched and read about what could have been the problem and I came up with all kinds of reasons and solutions but none worked so far. Nada! I was so disappointed because I really would like to have a copy of the songs in the car for when I want to hear sappy love songs while driving down the road. The husband was no help, he laughed at me. He probably was happy that the CDs did not work because he commented about how sad the songs were. He could not understand why I like sad songs but it is hard to explain so I don't even try, lol. I still have to figure out a way to make the cd work in the car but I do have to buy more cd-r because I have used everything we have here at home. The odd thing is, a cd plays in the car player if there is only one song in it. Put two songs, and nothing. I converted the songs to wav files from mp3, hoping that it will work, after reading that mp3's are compressed files. Maybe if the files are not compressed the cd will play. I will know soon.

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