Thursday, August 4, 2011

operation clean up

Days after my previous post, I finally got better. My throat is better and I am not coughing anymore. I still have a bit of a congestion but it is not so bad as last time. I am actually back to being myself and I am so happy with that. Anyway, I have been cleaning the house for days now. I am doing it a room at a time. Since there are several rooms in this house it is taking me longer but I am making sure every corner is clean from dust and dirt. I already did the bedroom and the dining room. Next will be the living room, the bathroom, the upstairs room, the bathroom, the laundry room, and the closets. I clean the kitchen every other day so it is pretty decent. The closets will need to be cleaned and organized because no matter how I try to keep it organized, the husband loses his things in there all the time. I don't know why his silver cufflinks were not where they were supposed to be and why his extra belt is not hanged when I am pretty sure it was. I know at the rate I am going with this cleaning that the rooms I have cleaned first will be dirty by the time I finished with the whole house. But I am taking my time, there is no rush. We do not get visitors and I do have kids to take care of (one of which always have to make a mess or his day will not be complete) so cleaning takes a back seat all the time. I don't let it get so bad here though or else I am sure I will hear from the boss :) Besides, I like it clean in the house so the kids will not get sick.

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