Saturday, August 6, 2011

a new handbag

One of my friends bought a very expensive handbag from Louis Vuitton. I told the husband about it and he said I can have one if I want it. That really surprised me since he knows how expensive one bag costs, and that is excluding taxes. He said I did not get a Christmas and birthday present last year so I can have a bag of my choice and charge it to him. I know I should but I am having second thoughts. I have not bought it and here I am thinking what if somebody steals the bag? It is not like I can get it back or anything. I can probably get insurance on it but who knows how it works? I know I am being paranoid but I am talking about a lot of money on a single purchase here. And we are not swimming on money, he just wants me to get something I really want to make me happy. It had been days since he told me I can buy an original LV bag but I am still not doing it. I am still waiting for another sign then if it happens I will just have to close my eyes and buy the bag hoping I will be able to keep it safe. For now, I am happy with a purse I bought from the mall on clearance. It is not expensive but I love it!

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