Tuesday, July 26, 2011

sick with the cold

I have been sick for the last couple weeks. I had a cold which turned out bad and my wisdom teeth decided to put in appearances as well. I felt miserable and was walking around the house wearing pajamas and a sweater I looked like an old person. I have taken in all kinds of cold medications (which I hate) only to get about an hour's reprieve from congestion and coughing fits. I know I made the husband miserable because I was miserable but I hope he will not get what I had. Actually, I still got it but I have stopped taking medications because I am afraid I am going to get all kinds of side effects from them. The congestion has cleared a bit and I can actually smell and taste food when I eat. I told the husband I might be just a few days from getting a hundred percent better. I do hope I am. I hate being sick when I have kids to take care of. Besides, I know I whine too much when I am sick it makes the people around me sick of listening to me. I need to get better and soon.

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