Monday, July 4, 2011

shopping plan

For days now, I have been itching to go to the mall to shop. The husband told me to wait a few more days to do it because he wants me to pay off all my credit card bills first before using them again. I don't know what's the difference but since he does pay for everything then I am keeping my mouth shut. I want to buy the little girl bigger clothes and to see if I can find anything for me as well. I normally go to different stores to look at clearance stuff so I don't have to pay a lot for my purchases. And if I can, I use coupons on top of the sale price (if the store allows it) to pay even less. I already have a list of stores in mind and I know I will be using sears coupons among other store coupons that I accumulated. I like to shop at Sears because it is where I always get good deals on shoes. I am hoping I will get good deals on baby clothes as well. I will be a busy bee when I get ready to go shop and I am so looking forward to it.

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