Monday, June 20, 2011

late night cup of coffee

I guess the title pretty much says it all, lol. It is a few minutes before 10 pm and I am having a cup of coffee. Instant, that is. I have started to like the taste of coffee since I got pregnant with the little girl. I used to make the husband stop by at McDonald's just to get a mocha frappe which annoyed him. But I was pregnant so he kept his mouth shut. There are benefits to being pregnant :) Anyway, even now, months after I gave birth I still like mocha frappe and gets a cup every time we go to McD. And I now fix me a cup of instant coffee in the mornings and any time during the day if I want more. I will try to wean myself from coffee when I think it is not doing any good for my health but for now I will enjoy drinking a cup of hot coffee anytime I want. Thankfully, coffee does not keep me awake so I can enjoy a late night cup before bedtime. It has always help me sleep better, coffee does. Weird, but true. Well, I have to go enjoy my drink then it will be off to bed for me. Good night!

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