Thursday, June 16, 2011

a decision to make

I have Netflix and I have been looking for a Netflix ready electronics so I don't have to hook my laptop to the television every time I want to watch a movie. It is a pain, I'm telling you. I have thought about options and there are several with varying price ranges. I can buy a blu ray player (there are a few brands that are Netflix ready), game consoles, or hdtv's that are internet ready. Problem is, I am not ready to pay a lot of money for it so I am stuck right now. I can buy a game console though since I have a 4yo who loves to play games but I don't know what to get. Of course it all comes back to price, that ever present variable if one wants to own an electronic. If I am going to get a game console though I will go for xbox slim since it has built-in wi-fi. That is if I can afford it and the husband will give his full approval. We are still talking about the need (and want) of another electronics in the house and it may take a while before we make a decision. I just hope we will make a good one because we are the kind to keep our electronics for a long time as long as they keep working. So whatever we will buy will have to be worth the money. Because, really, money is limited at the moment or we won't have to discuss what to buy. It will just have to be grab and go. Ah, I remember those times :)

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