Thursday, June 2, 2011

a choice

I have an engineering degree. I used to be familiar with all kinds of processes and chemical reactions and the like. I graduated almost ten years ago though, and I am now a stay at home mom which means that college and my degree are no longer part of my daily activities. The husband used to tease me (which was annoying because it was true) that I spend five years in college to have an engineering degree and here I am fixing formula for his son. He was bad I wanted to kick him at the time, lol. I have not kept up with what I learned. When my friends who are working talk about engineering document management software and using power point and the like over their projects at work, I cannot relate anymore. It is a shame really, and I still feel guilty that my parents spent so much money (loaned them from loan sharks even) to send me to school and I only worked for a year. I never even had the chance to explore a career. But I do have my family to make up for it. The husband keeps on urging me to go back to school and I know I will but I will wait until the kids are in school. I am not that old anyway, so maybe there is still a chance for me to be a career woman in the future. He would like for me to pursue my degree and get a career from it because of the financial possibilities. I might. One of these days. For now I will have to continue my day (and night) job, being a full-time mother.

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