Tuesday, May 31, 2011

creepy crawlies

And I don't mean spiders. I am talking about ticks. I hate them. They make summer not so fun because they are everywhere. It wouldn't have been so bad if they just cause bumps and a little itch. But no, they have to cause lyme disease which is awful. They bite, they burrow under the skin, and they are just a pure menace. The other day while we were visiting cemeteries to try to find graves of the husband's ancestors, the husband reminded me to keep an eye out for ticks. It made me want to stay in the car no matter how hot it was. We actually found several in his person, crawling and trying to find the perfect spot to latch on to. It made me wash the clothes we wore that day including the sheets and covers for added measure. If I could, I would have washed the couch and the carpet. I know it is not going to stop the ticks from crawling (if we have brought some in the house) but it makes me feel better knowing that somehow I have cleaned up a bit. I wonder if there is a spray one can use to repel ticks? I will be the first to buy a bottle (provided it works) to keep me and my family safe.

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