Saturday, May 7, 2011

a baby bed

We bought a second hand baby bed for the little girl. I really wanted a brand new one and was getting ready to go to the store when one of my sisters-in-law called telling us about this good deal her daughter found. I was skeptical at first but I told the husband to call it which he did and so he told his sister to buy the bed for us. It came with a changing table. I did not know what to expect but he told me should I not like the bed we will sell it on craigslist then buy the little girl a new bed. Well, I liked the baby bed when I saw it. It was in pretty good shape and I am happy that the husband decided to get both. It is cheaper than we would have paid for it brand new and it even came with an expensive mattress. If we bought a bed, mattress, and a changing table it would have cost us more or less $200 and that will be the cheapest estimates too. The little girl has been using her bed for days now. She loves it and I can leave her in it when I have to do important stuff around the house and she does not fuss about it. The changing table could have come with casters though to make it easier for me to move it but then I think I got a pretty good deal so there is no sense in griping about a lack of something trivial. We were able to save money and we got a bed for our little girl. No more sleeping on a cradle for her especially when she is already very mobile. The bed is good for her and for us :)

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