Wednesday, March 23, 2011

we need another tv

We only have one television at home. We were happy with it before because we never really watch tv that much. But we are having problems now since the little man claims everything as his own. When his father wants to watch tv he tells him to change channels which ends up in an argument with either the little man crying or his father getting upset. It upsets me too, listening to them argue. So I thought we need to buy another television set. I have been planning to anyway since before this little arguments started. Now I am really considering it more seriously. I want another flat screen television. With our television having some minor problems at start up I will not get the same brand so it will be a different brand next time. I am thinking about Sony if we can afford it. I have read about sony tv reviews and have actual testimonial from friends about how good Sony is so I will be looking at that avenue. Of course, the husband has to approve before we buy because it will have to be a family decision. When we do buy another television set it will stay in our bedroom. I miss watching tv while lying in bed. It might just be a good idea. At least if the little man will run us off our room we have the tv in the living room to watch shows when we want to.

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