Wednesday, March 23, 2011

silver coins

The husband asked me the other day if I have seen silver coins anywhere in the house. I answered in the affirmative because I did. In fact I know where the silver coins are at because he handed them to me to keep years ago. So, yes, I know where the silver coins are at. He was relieved when I told him the coins are safe but was not happy when I told him I only have a few. He had several silver coins when I got here but I don't know what he did with them. I kept what he handed to me but the rest are gone. Either he gave some to his older kids or he lost them. He is bad at remembering things that we never really know for sure what happened to the coins that are missing. He said we better hang on to what we have because he does not think he can afford to buy silver coins again. Well, I am trying to hang on to his precious coins and I will give them to him when he decides what to do with them. If I am right, he will end up giving the coins to his kids in the future. Our kids. So I better make sure I will not lose them. They might become valuable in the future.

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