Monday, March 7, 2011

i had a mocha frappe

For days, I craved for McDonald's mocha frappe and Captain D's fish and shrimp. I don't know why I want the particular food, I just wanted them so much it hurts. Well, as high as gas is we stay home most days getting out only to run errands and then back home again. Luckily, we had to go to the store today so I got to finally had a cup of mocha frappe. I wanted the fish and shrimp still but I did not want to spend any more money specially after coming out of the grocery store. I am not as grumpy as the days before though so I think it is an improvement. I don't know what is with me and cravings. It is hard not to give in sometimes even if I promised the husband to help save so we can work on our plans. I am hoping the food cravings will go away soon. I need to lose weight, not get fat which is what will happen if I keep on eating.

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