Saturday, March 19, 2011

grey's anatomy overload

For days now I have been watching Grey's Anatomy every chance I get. With two kids and a husband needing my attention it is not easy to find time but I manage. I actually managed to watch five seasons and is now halfway through the sixth. The husband calls me an addict but I told him this is my own version of watching soap operas so he better be understanding, lol. I rarely watch tv, only when I find something I like. Most of the time though I end up watching television shows online, the day after an episode is aired. It is easier for me that way. Grey's has had my attention since I read (and watched) season six's last episode. So when I found Grey's Anatomy on Netflix I went ahead and saved all available episodes to watch. And watch I did until the husband is sick of it. Or me doing it. I watched it not for the medical terms or procedures, but for the twists and turns of the lives of the characters. Soap opera, remember? I have watched most of the episodes of the current season so after season six I will have to think of something else to watch. That is after I rest for a while before the husband sends me back to Pi for neglecting him and the kids :)

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