Thursday, January 27, 2011

video chat

I talked to my parents through video chat the other night. They wanted to see our new baby and so we obliged and spent about an hour talking to them while showing their third grandchild. It was a pleasant conversation with some of our relatives in the background. I was advised what to do since I don't have anybody here to help me but the husband. I was also asked if the balikbayan box we were supposed to ship has been shipped yet and when I said no I heard a chorus of disappointment, lol. It will have to wait until we are ready to fill it up and send it to the asian store. My mother was the only one who was happy because she wanted another item in the box for her, a new wristwatch. I told her I have been looking the times I was at the mall but I have not found anything affordable yet. It does have to depend on the budget, you know? Besides I saw a necklace display on one of the stores that I think father will like. Would be nice to get it for him so both of them will have jewelry from us. They both love to wear jewelries, a trait I did not get, lol. Anyway, I told her to just wait a few more weeks, maybe months, and we should get around to having the box shipped. As for our conversation, they said they will get online again and make sure we get to talk longer. They were happy to see their grandchildren from me and are hoping they get to see the little ones in person.

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