Friday, January 7, 2011

small blessings

When my boys get bored, they tend to go overboard by playing loud music on their computers. If they are not satisfied with the sound the computers make, they turn the television on and for added measure, turn the radio on high volume. They do these from time to time that I should get used to it but it still drive me buggy. Once they get the reaction they want (mostly from me) they quit and go on with whatever they are doing. Crazy I know but that is what happens here when cabin fever hits. Sometimes I am grateful for little things like not having wall speakers or surround sound for the television and the computers. I would really go crazy then. At least I can block out the computer sounds because the volume on those can only go so high without it sounding like something is tearing up. We cannot wait for Spring to come so we can get out often. Being able to sit in the carport without having to wear layers of clothes will be something of a blessing. We do need a change of scenery every now and then.

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